You cannot blend in…                                                                                                                            when you were born                                                                                                                            to  stand out…

Love like a child …                                                                                                                                  Forgive and forget

The best gift in life is…                                                                                                                          unconditional  Love.

You can always  find your identity                                                                                                      in Christ.                                                                                                                                                  For you are a child of God.

by:Brenda Turner




I was in awe by this beauty, It was one of my dream travel until it happened just recently. I’ve been wanting to see it in person for years now and I couldn’t ask for a better day to witness its glorious beauty unraveled right in front of me. It was just uncontainably overwhelming.
Spring weather hasn’t been gracious yet and to be honest I  wasn’t sure how the trip will turn out having an unpredictable weather weeks prior to the trip, I kept checking on the weather forecast and at the same time had a positive feeling that the weather will align to what’s in mind. I’m pretty sure there is such thing as luck because it was sure enough we lucked out for a beautiful weekend for this. Surprisingly the blossoms still holding up its beauty despite of going through some rough changes of weather for days.
Once again mother nature didn’t disappoint me. She laid out her beauty not just to me but to many.



It’s hard to believe summer is almost over, chilly weather is definitely sneaking in. How did you spend your summer? I thought it just went by way too soon.

Anyhow, before we fast forward time.. I made sure i took advantage of the beautiful weather before it ended.  Perfect timing when one of my friends invited me to do something fun over that weekend since it’s her day off work as well. Brainstorming of what we could possibly do but instead ended up our conversation sound like undecided and unsure but also like what the saying goes” When it is your lucky day!”, well, another good friend and a sister in Christ of mine called me and said ” Hey, what are you doing tomorrow? me and my friend is going kayaking and we have two extra kayaks. ”  I was like, you just never know i guess. Sometimes things you just don’t have to plan or over think about it just come up.

I couldn’t argue just feeling blessed and thank enough for these ladies whose so kind to accommodate me and my friend to go along with them kayaking, for putting all their efforts out there, worked out some things to make it happen, loading and unloading all the things we needed for this summer’s last blast adventure we had. It was so awesome and I am still so grateful for the second time around. 


When in kayaking never doubt but just paddle out.



Paddling Y O U R stress away & an O V E R W H E L M I N G feeling of S E R E N I T Y, beautiful S C E N E R Y along T H E journey.




We paddled out for five miles, we were obviously milking it our back and forth that took us four hours of a sun drenched kind of afternoon.
Checked out some beautiful spots along the way and we humbly sat on top of a rock and devoured our lunch for the day. 
The water was so inviting so we all decided to immerse ourselves in the water to satisfy our thirst-skin from sun beaming.

blue heron

blue heron bird


To sum up our day — a heart’s so delightful to top it all, tan lines and the wonderment we all brought home. 




Kumusta! ( Hello! ) I know its been awhile..

I’ve been busy lately but who isn’t right? But i thought you just don’t stop telling stories or inspiring others. I hope in some ways I do because that is basically the main purpose of my whole blogging thing, that somehow someone out there open and read my blog and get inspired to do good and to do better. What if your words and thoughts touch a wondering hearts, maybe some people just needed to be reminded that there are a lot of beautiful things they can do, not just spreading poison in the world but because they can empower and inspire other people too, that is how It all started, I got inspired with so many beautiful people in this blogging world and with the push of encouragement by my very good friend Julia check her blog out when you get a chance she have beautiful write ups there at  I finally took the courage and did it anyway. I thought beside nobody would do it for me — Just do the first step and take it from there, which I did.

What also helped me is that everyone here is so positive and encouraging and my very first blog post wasn’t that much but people are so welcoming, that helps a lot for a first timer like me and this is also one of my escapes from a stressful mind sometime which is inevitable.

I was nervous and so many but If’s because I am not a writer nor a reader to begin with, I don’t have the kind of  icing on the cake words to put it out and have no clue of how to put all my thoughts together but I know i want to be better in this field for my own good being English is not my main language, I always struggle with big words, slang , and the usage of past and present tenses and sometimes i just don’t have the right words or thoughts for it that’s when my struggle is for real. I will continue learning one day at a time and to just keep pressing on, don’t hold back and to keep reminding myself for these words;

E X P L O R E.

L E A R N.

E X P E R I E N C E.

B E   A MA Z E.

E N J O Y.





Breeze into the country vibe sun-drenched Saturday. It was such a beautiful day last weekend and I couldn’t help but asked my bestfriend to take some photos of me while we were visiting a friend of ours who catered us the appetizing filipino food. A hectic yet fulfilling day. Anyway, I  just wanna share this best steal deal dress I have from AEO because its too adorable not to share. Ha!

But really, I have been excited to wear this outfit because its so comfortable and easy to dress up or dress down, perfect for summer, parties or outdoor wedding maybe? Or even just hanging out with friends. Affordable style inspo! here.

Some days you’re meant to just playing dress up. Honestly, I usually never a fan girl but I was all pumped up with a beautiful weather and this fun flowy covered flowers M-slit maxi dress.

cunning off-the-shoulder, top-fitted that is flirty feminine vibes and the materials feel so comfortable in the skin, accessorized with a floppy hat and a dangling earrings paired up with belted booties.

Unfortunately this maxi dress is not available online anymore, I got this in one of their stores and it was on sale for $19 at that time. I’m sure it’s not hard to find this kind of dress at any clothing stores around.

( Outfit details) american eagle off-the-shoulder M-slit maxi dress and denim jacket,  mossimo belted booties from target, the floppy hat I can’t even remember of where I got mine maybe ross store, I knew it was $5 when I got ’em. Dangling earrings from thrift store for a $1. I am a bargain shopper for those people who don’t know me. Ha!

Share your love, Show your Style!



Photographed: by Marichu Ecat


Western’s nature beauty greatly differs from the east. I never anticipated what was coming our way when we headed out west. I’m fortunate and blessed I got a chance to see its immensely and magnificient beauty. A landscape that consists of so many variations from high plains, flatland to sandy, rocky mountains with its distinctive formations that stand over the horizon, who wouldn’t be blown away by the canyon that is so grand, the freedom of it’s open roads and the vast space reaches no bounds with the blue skies, hue’s and saturated colors of its own.

Enjoy  some photos I took during our journey of out west, all the pictures were taken from different states of  Arizona, Nevada and Utah in different time and day.




 Zip line

|noun:  zipline|

an inclined cable or rope with a suspended harness, pulley, or handle, down which a person slide for amusement.

What is in your list of wants and hopes or anything of that nature you would like to check off in your bucket list? Ziplining was mine for a while, I finally broke the chain of waiting when I visited Bukidnon my home. I am lucky enough I have a brother whose eyes lit up when it comes to adventure and an adrenaline junkie if you may. I brought it up in one of our conversations that morning and sure enough he said “get ready, we’re going “! wait, what? ” yeah, you heard it right. “, I was fired up! I got myself ready in no time, hopped in the car squeezed our derriere in like sardines in a can  Haha with my mom, nieces, sister-in-law and our personal tour guide and photographer my awesome brother plus two of my bestie’s met us up in the place. Of course! I wasn’t gonna go there without a cheering squad along with me Haha was nice of them to willingly show me their moral support and they are a lot of fun to be with that made my experience out of the ordinary and worthwhile.

I knew I wanted to do it so badly but I was nervous and scared about the possibilities of a momentous mishap or could be worse. Who isn’t? right? but like what the saying goes ” You only live once (YOLO), do it while you can “. Encouragement: ” When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3.” I had a roller coaster of emotions while on the process. Whoa! I thought for sure my heart jumped out off my chest when I was in the air wrapped with safety harnesses streaming down through the cable. All I can hear was my heartbeat and the blasting wind smacked on my face. It was nerve-racking, exciting, overwhelming all the “ ing ” feelings there is. Haha Would I do it again? Absolutely! yeah, call me crazy. Its weird to say but soaring like an eagle up in the air was extremely amazing. We sure fell in love with the place and will plan a visit again next time.

Dahilayan Adventure Park have a lot of fun and rides to choose from in an affordable prices and packages. They also offered overnight accommodation. You can check their website for more details at the place is definitely worth a visit with family and friends if you are looking for an ultimate heart-stirring kind adventure off of the hustling and bustling of the city life and for nature lover like me this is also you’re chance to reconnect with nature for sanity.


I conquered the 840 meters dual zipline and presently the longest zipline in Asia. The launch point starts at a dizzying 4,700 feet above sea level and drops to about 100 meters so flyers zoom fast at 60 to 100 kilometers per hour. Zipzone can suspend two persons at the same time, you don’t have to conquer your fear of heights alone.